My New Hobby


Gabriella Souza, Gr. 9

Have you ever needed to get your mind off of something so bad that you made yourself busy with tasks? Maybe you even picked up a new hobby. Art was a way to keep my mind a blank slate. I never pursued learning art seriously because I didn’t have a teacher or supplies, plus, I didn’t think my parents would buy art supplies so easily, just because I wanted them. I’ve always sucked at drawing but thinking about being able to create such intricate things amazed me.

My friends hadn’t been texting me as much anymore and it made me feel uneasy. Being in quarantine, staying at home by myself waiting for my family to come home made me lonely. Being the type that over thinks a lot, I didn’t wanna seem clingy and text my friends so much if they didn’t reply quickly.

That day I felt miserable the entire time and my Dad thought I was being stubborn because I didn’t wanna help around the house. I explained to him about how I felt lonely and ignored through calm tears. He then told me that I should get a new hobby to keep me busy and I did. Art was something that I was able to do now with the help of my Dad. He bought  me art supplies when I needed them and brought me to my Grandma’s house for art lessons whenever I got the chance.

My Uncle went to college for Art to pursue his dream of being a professional artist. Having him as my teacher was really great since he has teaching experience with other kids. The first day I went to my art lessons I got picked up from my Mom’s salon by my Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle. The drive was fifteen minutes to their house. The place brought back childhood memories. That day It was fairly windy, but I could still feel the sun creeping up against my neck. The pavement in their driveway was cracked and old, orange dirt seeping through the cracks. Although the house was pretty small for three people, they managed to stay comfortable in such a tight space. The heat in the house was much more deep than the heat outside,  since there were no fans to drive the heat away. The tiny space was cluttered with many books and pottery, but everything fit so well.

Sitting down, I began the first part of learning to draw. I got to practice using different types of mediums: Markers, watercolor, ink, pencil, and paint and I got to take breaks with my Uncle. Weeks passed, I went over several times getting better slowly but surely. My uncle  eventually had me focus on using markers, pencils, and ink seeing that the proportion in my watercolor was off due to the fact that I didn’t know how to draw properly yet. During breaks I would eat lunch with my uncle or watch TV with my Grandma. The smell of  coffee and the taste of the pizza was so mesmerizing. From time to time my Grandma would offer me sweets too, but remembering I have to stay in shape for soccer I would decline. 

During the lessons was the best part. I was infatuated with learning more and seeing my drawing skills progress over time. Hearing the TV in the back and listening to my Uncle give instructions, the scratching and constant “swish” of the pencils and markers burned into my mind. The sound of the wind struggling through the screen door, hearing the markers drop on the floor played in my mind at night. Art kept me busy through the weeks and helped me get my mind off of the things that bothered me so much before. Art put my mind at ease. Eventually, my friends started texting me more seeing that I had stopped starting the conversation for them.