A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

Book Review


Melenie Ignacio, Gr. 9



“Every day is different. The colors, the shades, the impact on your soul. Every day is a gift.” – Tillie Cole


Seventeen-year-old Rune Kristiansen and Poppy Litchfield have been next door neighbors and childhood bestfriends since the age of 5. Poppy, an adventurous young girl, has been given the task, by her Grandma who passed, to collect 1,000 boy kisses throughout her lifetime. Her best friend Rune, ought to be the one to give her a thousand kisses. She would record every single special kiss she shared with Rune, and each would be collected in a jar. The two formed a bond that was inseparable, or so they thought. At the age of fifteen, Rune receives the unexpected news that he and his family have to move back to Norway, his home country. Enraged, Rune unleashes all of his anger on his family. Why would his parents ever want to take him away from Poppy, the girl he loves the most in the world? Rune and Poppy’s relationship is now at stake. However, they vow to always keep in touch, and so they do, but not for too long.   Poppy cuts Rune off without an explanation. Rune is completely heartbroken.

Then one day Rune and his family move back to Blossom Grove, Georgia. Rune decides to confront Poppy, expecting an explanation. Rune wasn’t the same person he had been two years before, if anything, had  changed for the worse; but his love for Poppy remained ceaseless.  Furious when he first confronted Poppy,  Rune would soon face a bigger heartbreak which left him devastated.  Find what happens next and how Rune helps Poppy collect 1000 kisses – just in the nick of time.