My Journey to You



Talia Johnson, Gr. 11

Her soul burns deeply, shining bright like all the setting suns

Her fire once uncontained, scared the lands high to the mountain

Just a breath away from God


She seemed like an eagle, so daring and free

Like a storm, she came abruptly into my life

Excitement she breathed in me, danger she touched on me

Her love was like a bruise, every mark upon my skin her story remains


Like a storm she came, but of course, she never stayed

In her wake only destruction remained, stability she took with her

Now all I have is our bittersweet memories

All sorrowful woes and my heartache continues to grow


But throughout the debris of broken promises and forgotten dreams

Buried under her dying love for me, laid a sapling so precious and small

A new life looking to me with so much wonder and undying pure love


Our story I wasn’t ready to continue without her signature touch

But this journey with you, my adorable doves

Is the greatest gift your mother gave to me from above