Honoka’a Dragons Basketball 2023

Honokaa Dragons Basketball 2023

Aloha Dragons! It’s Daniel Candelario, Reighn Barrios, and Jurrel Bielza. We are all part of the Honokaa Dragons basketball team. This season was exciting and filled with many ups and downs, however, we were able to overcome lots of challenges. As a team, we learned life lessons, learned the game, learned how to build character, and learned how to show Dragon Pride.  We want to thank Coach Guzman for giving us the following interview.

DP: What made you want to come back to coaching? 

CG: A week before tryouts there was still no JV coach so I stepped up and took the role. I did not want to come back. You have to make a commitment to coaching at the high school level. If coaches are going to ask their players to make sacrifices then they need to make similar sacrifices.

DP: How do you feel about this season?

CG: I felt our JV players improved significantly despite the fact that this season was short and rushed. The last time I coached we played 24 combined preseason and regular season games. This Season we played 10.

DP: What was your goal for this season?

CG: My Goal as JV head coach is to develop our players and prepare them to hopefully play varsity. Not just on the court skills but help build character and teach them life lessons.

DP: What is the difference between a junior varsity and a varsity player?

CG: Every year situations are different. Players might be varsity ready but because there’s an abundance of talent or they may be on JV to receive more playing time.

DP: What year did you start coaching?

CG: Starting coaching high school as a varsity assistant at Laupahoehoe High school in 2005.

Next up we were able to interview Varsity coaches, Coach Jamie and Coach Brandon.

DP: What are the qualities to be A varsity player?

CJ: Qualities, have size, speed, strength, experience, drive, preparation, ball skills, integrity, responsibility, and knowledge.

DP: What is your goal for this season?

CJ: Season goals, have the opportunity to win BIIF title, make states.

DP: How do you feel about this season so far?

CJ: Season so far, we are right on track with our goals

DP: What is the difference between a Junior Varsity and a Varsity player?

CJ: The difference between JV and varsity is their size, speed, strength, experience, drive, preparation, skill, responsibilities, and knowledge.

DP: What year did you start coaching?

CJ:I started coaching Honokaa boys basketball in 2012. Starting coaching out of high school in 1993. T-ball, biddy, basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, etc.

Thank you, coaches. Sports have been a huge part of our lives. Without basketball, our friendships wouldn’t be what they are today.