The 57 Bus

Book Review


Marley McIntyre, Gr. 9

Based on a true story, The 57 Bus,  follows the story of two teenagers who end up in the same place at the wrong time. The two teens had completely different lives, and if not for the 57 bus they would have never met. Oakland, California, is one of the most diverse yet greatly divided cities. Sasha is a transportation-obsessed, agender teen who attends a private school. Richard lives in an underprivileged and crime-ridden neighborhood, attending a large public school. In eight minutes, both of their lives are forever changed by a reckless accident.  

If it weren’t for this project, I probably would never have picked up this book. However, Daska Slater has written a captivating story on social injustices and the wrongs of the criminal system. Reading this book felt like watching an interview of the characters. The dual point of view gave me a better insight into the difference between the two main characters’ lives and personalities. Even though non-fiction is usually not my cup of tea, I found this interesting. Overall, I recommend this book to people who enjoy non-fiction books or people who want to try something new.