Want a Summer Job?

Hiring Blitz for Juniors and Seniors


Get hired on your graduation date! Come prepared with resumes. If are not 18, to complete the worker permit form online: Certificate of Age (for 16- and 17-year-old minors) APPLY ONLINE at https://dlir.hawaii.gov/labor/wsd/youth_cert/youth_request.cfm.

The Certificate of Age (eCL-3) is valid only when accompanied by an approved proof of age document, which are both presented to the employer at the time of hire.  No promise of a job is needed to obtain this certificate. The minor will be issued a Certificate of Age to use until age 18.

There are no restrictions on hours except when the minor is required to be in school. When the minor is hired, the employer is required to: (1) verify the minor’s name and birth date on the Certificate of Age with the proof of age document; (2) record the Certificate of Age number; and (3) return the Certificate of Age and proof of age document to the minor.

hiring blitz copy

Wait there’s more!

DRAGONS! We’ve been invited to participate in another hiring event (besides the blitz) on Wednesday, May 3rd.
It’s called Mauna Kea Resort Fast Track and here’s the scoops:
  • Date: May 3rd
  • Location: Mauna Kea Beach Resort- Garden Room
  • Time: 10:30am-12:30pm; Lunch will be provided
  • RSVP: Please send me your student and teacher names that will be attending by May 1st so we have the correct count for lunch.
  • Capacity per school: 5 students each for Kealakehe and Kohala; 10 students for Honoka’a
  • The age requirement is 17-18 for these casual positions due to the Labor laws with regard to safety. Remember this is for the casual positions, but if students are also interested to apply for any of the seasonal hire positions they will also be considered for these positions as well.
    • Resume – should be ready and printed out for managers to see. Bring a few copies.
    • Bring a worker’s permit  
    • TB clearance
    • Be prepared to interview with multiple managers.
    • If the interview goes well and students are selected we will be moving forward with a drug test and hire procedures the day of the event.
    • This is for Serious inquiries for students.  
See the attached flyer.
Let me know if you’re interested so we can proceed with field trip forms. 

Mrs. Haitsuka-Fernandez