Marvelous May Day for Dragons


Lovely sophomore ladies ready to preform their hula.

On May 10th, 2023, thanks to Mrs. Angella Brandt and her leadership students, Honoka’a High and Intermediate School hosted an aloha filled May Day celebration, the first in several years.

There were witty MCs, beautiful hula dancers, a stately May Day Court and fantastic musicians.

MCs Melissa Samura and Ginger Bertelmann flank Band Teacher Gary Washburn.

Proud parents of those chosen for May Day Court came to watch the festivities.

Darrel Kanekoa, Hualali Covington, Bulla Kanekoa and Gary Washburn rock the house with classic Hawaiian tunes.

The dancing was opened with oli, E Ho Mai, presented by Hawaiian Language teacher, U’i lani Macabio.

While there were many excellent hula performances by each grade level, some highlights were; Kumu Hualali Covington’s sophomore girls group,  a powerful solo performance by Khamryan Bragado, along with an energetic dance by crowned King Keua Hui and a graceful hula preformed by  Queen Hemi Martinez.

Princess Kristen Ragasa, Queen Hemi Martinez and dancers Khamryan Bragado and Dakota Tavares-Varios.
Festive May Day Fashion.


With an attentive student body audience, the finery of the court and the excitement of the performances you could feel the mana in the room.

As principal Blanco said in her opening statement, “May Day is who we are, it is our tradition and it brings us together.” We are truly blessed to be able to celebrate the culture of our islands together in this very special way.