Should You Be Vaccinated?


Kimverly Mateo, Grade 10, Mrs. Miguel, ELA


Is vaccination the cure for a pandemic or epidemic? Is it essential to be vaccinated? Is getting a shot worth it? These and other questions are some concerns that people think about when it comes to the best thing to do in making a wise decision concerning their health.  Understanding and educating one’s mind gives everyone the proper view of what vaccination is and how it works.  Vaccination is simply getting injected by a needle in which a person who got vaccinated will be immunized by the virus. Once the virus hits the body, the vaccine would allow the body’s immune system to fight back. In simplest terms, vaccination prevents the body from getting ill. Some types of vaccine contain parts of the virus, which could harm the patient while some don’t. Therefore, some people tend to get vaccinated since they consider that the vaccine is effective according to its work. On a different perception, some people would still refuse, perhaps they are fearful, and don’t believe in science, the vaccine’s side effects, or apathy upon their health. However, vaccination is significant because it serves as a protection and defense to every individual from diseases spreading throughout the community.

Immunization is a necessity.  At the start of their lives, children should be immunized, and that should be a main concern when parents think about their children’s health.  Those parents who do not immunize their children are letting them risk their lives. In his letter,

“Measles: A Dangerous Illness,” Roald Dahl states in paragraph 12 that, “It really is almost a crime to allow your child to go unimmunized.” Dahl experienced the loss of his seven-year old daughter from measles, from not being immunized. He lamented that if vaccination was available at that time, he would have immunized his daughter.  So, allowing children to not take the vaccine would mean that parents are letting their children suffer and die without doing anything to save their lives. Furthermore, in paragraph 7, Dahl reflects, “In America, where measles immunisation is compulsory, measles like smallpox has been virtually wiped out.” This quotation indicates a case where vaccination is mandatory for each individual in America, therefore, a remedy to measles outbreak. Complying to be immunized is imperative in order to be safe and protected from the virus. 

Vaccination is indeed essential. Yet, many people do not agree with it.  They believe that vaccination shouldn’t be considered a reason to force people to be immunized.  It is their right, so a consent is needed from them. In his editorial, “Mandatory Vaccination is not the Answer to

Measles,” Dr. Bob Sears reasons out that the current hysteria regarding measles outbreak is merely political deeds to frighten the people to comply with the immunization, as stated in paragraph 1. Moreover, in paragraph 5, Dr. Sears claims, “We need a lot more dangerous than measles to force vaccination.” He simply illustrates that there’s no reason to freak out about measles since it isn’t even that dangerous than other diseases. In which the immunization

shouldn’t be mandated for it is not severe and wouldn’t be a cause for everyone to be at risk. This signifies vaccination as worthless to comply for, and measles can be disregarded. 

Although Dr. Sears’ opinion on measles vaccine can be relevant and needs consideration, vaccination is a salient treatment to either mild or severe diseases. It provides public health and safety, and it’s for the common good, which should be made as compulsory law. Therefore, a vital reason for vaccination is to bring forth protection against infectious diseases and keep the public safe and secure. However, Dr. Sears claimed that there shouldn’t be a forced vaccination even though it is important; a person must give consent, a sacred right, beforehand and should have the right to make decisions for his or her own good. As for Dahl, he stated how he wasn’t able to get his daughter immunized just so he could save her life. He provided such convincing evidence of the importance of the vaccination. He used his experience from his daughter who died from measles to prove more of his point regarding the vaccine.. As a matter of fact, sharing real life experiences would be more substantial than stating personal opinion. 

In conclusion, getting immunized means making the lives of many people safe and protected against infectious diseases. Taking the vaccine shows how clever-thinking a person is.

The benefits aren’t just for personal health, but of course, for the common good. The vaccination should be a requirement and a mandate for every single person as a preventive measure for the community from getting seriously ill. This is relevant for today’s chaos, the COVID-19 pandemic, which is currently the cause of drastic social impacts in the world. People are required to use protection such as face coverings, proper personal care, and practice social

distancing.  The outbreak also affects the economy, in which some places had to go lockdown and put into community quarantine. The virus is spreading out quickly, so why not take the action and get vaccinated immediately to save your life as well as everyone in the community.  The pandemic isn’t over yet, there is still an ongoing battle against COVID-19. Its vaccines have been introduced, which is an important and effective prevention of diseases and death all over the world. Decisions are hard to make, but be wiser in terms of your own good that would benefit others, too. Be a hero and start saving the world.