A Day at the Farm


Ms. Ferrance, Journalism Club Advisor

Ahupuaa Paalaea

When asked to describe his learning experiences at Paalaea, the HHIS school farm, senior Kaohu Takaki says, “It’s different, being outside, doing things. I like it, because I like to work with my hands.”  The beautiful 11 acre space allows students to get in touch with nature while learning valuable cultural practices and lessons. One of the things students do upon arrival at the farm is oli. They practice respecting their surroundings and as teacher, Ms. Honma says, they are urdged to “Leave it better than it was when you got here.” Kaohu along with Ms. Honma helped  host a mini field trip for teachers at HHIS, many of whom had never been to the farm before.

Popoki in the grass.
Miss Tabios shows off a lei she made with the help of Ms. Macabio.



Ms. Honma and Ms. Soloman look for the ahupuaa of Donna’s Cookies.