Poems: Who Am I? and Thank You Mom


EL Students, Mrs. Miguel, ELA

Who Am I

 Who I am

Is what confusing me

I’ve been trying to find myself

But I still can’t find a way

To know the real me


Keeping all the secrets

Trying to hide it all

But all this hush

Just keeps making me gloomy

 Expressing dishonesty to oneself

Could have been better

Because declaring it would only be a regret

 Showing of who really am I

Brings denial and rejections from others

 But I can’t seem to think

Why they wouldn’t welcome me

Just want to be happy and have a positive mind

Thinking there would be a nice someone

Who understands and accepts me who really is ME.

Thank You, Mom

I lost my mom when I was just a kid,

I didn’t know about her, who she was, how she looked

She had two girls and two boys

Two older boys and a younger sister

Four siblings that had to survive

But I was glad I was with my aunty, mom’s older sister


My dad had three kids with another woman

She said she wanted to see me

So my dad came to my aunty

To be with him and his other woman

So aunty told me to go with him

But my dad didn’t even care about me


So I chose to live with my aunty

Until I heard some news

That mom and dad used to fight

Others said he used domestic violence

And hurt my mom to the core

I don’t know what to do

But prayer is what helped me through


Then life changed when I moved with my dad

I knew my dad loves me

But his new family made my life hard

So I moved back to my auntie’s place

She took care of me and love me

For that I’ll be forever thankful

To my aunty, my new Mom