Lets Talk About Climate


Jason Rodrigues, Grade 10, James Atkins ELA

Our greenhouse gasses are higher than ever; it’s causing massive climate change. Ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and ecosystems are being destroyed. In all this, wildlife is at risk. Christina Nunez, an expert from National Geographic, says greenhouse gasses absorb heat and make the temperatures rise in the Troposphere. The earth becomes hotter. Animals die due to the changed climate if they are not able to adapt. However, in the Stratosphere, greenhouse gasses do the opposite; they absorb cold air. That means there will be harsher winters and rainstorms because the clouds get super cold and get pushed around by wind. As you know, winter has been more brutal in recent years than ever; it snowed in places where it previously never snowed. 

More natural disasters are happening due to these changes and they’re getting worse. They will continue to worsen because the weather will become harsher if we do not do anything about it. Soon, winter will be super cold and dreadful. You may think, how will I be affected if I don’t live in a region that is not snowy. Well, if there is weather over you and if you are on this earth, then you are affected.

There is a bill currently up for debate by Congress about spending government money to go green. I believe that this is a great idea because some people may not want to spend their money on green stuff. The government can help us do it so individuals won’t have to bear as much of the cost. With the government helping us to go  green, it will be easier and it will save our planet. Isn’t that a win/win? So I urge you to support the legislation currently in Congress and to encourage others to go green.