Keanu Deehan, Gr. 9

“KEANU!!! KEANU!!! Keanu!!! Hou! Get over here!! Grab him, he needs help! Put him on your board!” I then paddled over to the guy, as he was saying “Help! Help!”

This happened one day when I went to Kua Bay with my stepdad, who is a lifeguard there. It was during the spring when the sand bar was still fresh and the sun was shining. There were barely any clouds. I could hear the waves crashing and the children playing on the beach and feel the light breeze on my face. 

Then I heard “KEANU!!! KEANU!!! Keanu!!! Hoa! Get over here!! Grab him, he needs help! Put him on your board!” I rushed over to the kid and grabbed him and put him on my board. He struggled to listen to me and fought me. He then pushed himself off my board and tried to swim to the rocks.

  My point of view is, when in doubt or if you don’t know the consequences, stay safe and don’t go out.` I’ve seen multiple tourists or people who just moved here, who think they can surf and it either costs them a day of injuries or their lives. I’ve seen many people get paralyzed and then, there go their dreams and life. Very few people know the dangers of the ocean, she’s a very powerful force.

Finally, I pulled the boy to shore and his whole family was thanking me for saving him. I felt so good when I was being thanked by them. There is no better feeling than helping someone else like that.