Back to V-Ball



JilleaneMarie Gonzales, Gr. 9

Volleyball season is back!! After two ongoing years, in-person schooling and sports has finally resumed. Joining the team this season as a freshman really boosted my motivation to stay active physically and mentally. Since our first practice, playing surrounded by my teammates has improved my self-confidence and the way I perform. Of course, not every practice or game will be perfect. Everyone will experience numerous ups and downs. Mistakes will be made, however coach Mike, Kau’i and Keisha will always be there to support us. “We have been playing so well and have been such an amazing team and helping each other throughout everything to play great on the court, ” says JV co-captain, Goddess Gonsalves. 


We all have skills to work on individually, but we always learn as a team. “We’ve been working on our footwork preparing for Kealekehe, so that’s exciting”, adds varsity captain, Kristen Ragasa. Communication and trust is key when it comes to team sports. Taking the position as libero is like working the wheels of a car. In order to begin or keep the play, a backrow specialist must keep the ball up and going. Setters must control the ball for hitters to get the ball down on the opposite team’s floor. All roles in the game are equally important. Building trust in everyone to do their job leads the team to great success. Team mate and JV co-captain Bobbie Embernate states, “I’m very proud of JV and how we all work together. I love them so much! I can’t wait to play the rest of the season with them.”


Volleyball games have been exciting and somewhat stressful. Dealing with all the COVID restrictions has made sports a little difficult to train. Participating with masks on made it far more tiring and breathtaking. Additionally, only 2 fully vaccinated fans can be invited by each player to spectate games in person. Even though there are many safety precautions, I and the rest of our team are grateful to get back to v-ball!!