Equal Pay for Play

Scholarships for Female Athletes


Hailey Coelho, Gr. 9

Should women and men have equal scholarship money pay when it comes to playing sports? Did you know that females make up 54 percent of the student body, yet they only received 36 percent of sports operating dollars, 42 percent of college athletic scholarship dollars, and 32 percent athletic team recruitment spending? Male athletes receive $133 million more athletic scholarship dollars than female athletes each year. College bound women athletes should have the same scholarship opportunities that men do. Women athletes are still earning less than men for doing the same job. Women getting the same amount of scholarship opportunities increases the chances of keeping females in a your sport. When they get scholarships it empowers women to pursue excellence in their sport and become be financially independent. In this case , Women athletes  deserve equal opportunities. 

Unfortunately, overall, men  have more scholarship opportunities than women. This is almost entirely based on the  number of scholarships needed to defend a football team that does not have the sport of all equivalent women. However,  other sports tend to have more scholarship options for women. Fortunately, Title IX states that athletic scholarships should be “proportional” to full-time students. This enables equal opportunity for women in college sports. 

“Many scholarships are created for a specific purpose. This is to place women in science courses, managerial positions, or advanced courses. Many scholarships not only allow female students to  attend college  and are , designed to encourage success thereafter. Some of them honor students who have shown leadership and entrepreneurship before graduation. Others  have graduated from school and are now back home. Reward women who want. Similarly, scholarship opportunities encourage good undergraduate women  to consider a graduation thesis, teaching profession, and other highly skilled positions. Many grants encourage women to take on the challenge of “counterculture” as well as becoming doctors and engineers, when many women did not complete college education 50 or 60 years ago. doing (Scholarships for Women).

In women’s sports, we talk a lot about equal pay. The focus of the conversation is usually how women earn less than men, inequality, and inequality despite the same high workload for female athletes. It means that you often have to do full-time work in addition to full-time athletics. The US women’s soccer team has been pushing conversations to the forefront for the past three years. With the women’s team winning the 2015 World Cup, it became clear that women in the United States made a quarter of what men make.

Some people believe that men are stronger than women and their sports are more entertaining to watch. Men’s professional sports bring in more money than women’s professional sports. If we start funding women’s sports then they will make more money bring in more fans and get the recognition they deserve. College bound women athletes should have the same scholarship opportunities that men do. Women should get the same amount of sports scholarships and the attention they deserve. Women getting the same amount of scholarships as men will keep them playing sports and give them opportunities to be financially stable.