A Sense of Belonging

Students reflect on what it means to belong.


HHIS Students

I feel like I belong at school and I feel welcomed here. The first reason I feel like I belong here is because I’m here to learn something new, I can use in my daily life. I can use what I learned in school to help me with my homework. Another reason is that I’m able to see my friends, spend time with them and just laugh and be happy. I’m glad and grateful to have good and bonding friendships. Another reason I feel I belong here is that it improves my well-being and confidence in my ability to do well at school and gain knowledge for myself and others.

-Reign Barrios

Belonging, in some ways, means to “fit in”. I don’t want to just fit in. I want to stand out. On the other hand, a sense of belonging takes years to get to. When I find my permanent belonging, I’ll understand what this truly means. Until then, I’m okay with sticking out and letting myself belong with the people and things I want to. Currently, I’m confident in the people and things I belong to.

-Elissa-Kaitlyn Gold


I feel like I belong here at school. I feel like I belong at this school because of all of my friends. Whenever I come to school I look forward to seeing all of my friends. I have them to talk to, to help me, to have fun. Every day, when I get to school, my friends are there.  Also, I like Ms. Ferrance’s lounge.

-Seth Tabudlo

I would say that I feel like I do belong at this school. I’ve been here since kindergarten, so I basically grew up with a lot of people. However, there’s been a lot of new students this year, as expected. In my honest opinion, everyone is friendly and so funny; everyone is easy to get along with. I’ve made a lot of new friends this year. I finally feel like I’ve found the right friends and I’m happy with where I’m at right now.

-Melanie Ignacio

What I feel about being here at school is that I feel I belong, because people don’t judge me. I like how teachers check on me when I’m down.

-Noah Tagabi

Sometimes I feel like I do belong here at school, but there are times I feel I don’t. Sometimes school makes me feel like I belong because everyone is friendly and fun. Most classes are very fun and interactive.

-Nathaniel Custodia

Reasons, why I feel like I belong here, are because I feel very comfortable being around people, especially the students in my grade. Also, I feel I belong here because there are many teachers that are very supportive. What I mean by this is that they are very helpful with my work and tell me directions until I understand it. The teachers are also like friends to me. I could go up to them and tell them how I’m feeling without any hesitation. I always love how they always give me feedback for whatever I do. I feel like I really belong here at school.

-Sherie Soares