Surf or Turf?

Surf or Turf?

Here in Hawai’i people have a strong preference for what they like to do in their free time. We asked people around campus where they have the most fun; surf or turf? “Surf” means spending time at the beach and in the ocean. “Turf” refers to the land and maybe riding or hunting. These are just a few examples of surf and turf. Which do you prefer, Surf or Turf?

Harley: Surf. The ocean is fire and fishing is amazing. The ocean is calming and it’s a cool place to hang out – plus, fishing is fun and peaceful. 

Austin: Both because when I’m at the beach I live to swim, fish, and go on my boat. But when I’m on land I like to hunt, hike, and all that good stuff. 

Mrs. Macabio:  Surf. I love surfing. I love the ocean. I was born and raised by the ocean. My family has been fishermen for thousands of generations, not only my Hawaiian side but my Filipino and Puerto Rican side too. They all lived by the ocean. I feel like there is so much more of a connection between me and the ocean. My family comes from Miloli’i, they’ve been long-time fishermen there and we still live there. 

Mr. Wade: I live in the mountains on a few acres. We have all kinds of fruit trees and my father-in-law is building some yurts, so I’ll go with turf. 

Benjamin: Surf because the waves is major.


Kaylan: Turf. I grew up on the land and I like to hunt, ride my horse, and go walking. I find joy in doing these things, it makes me happy.




Kupa’a: Turf. I like to hunt, it’s enjoyable. You know when your dogs are out and you hear the first pig, you start running towards it and it’s one big one with cranks. Hou brah. Then you start amping and you grab your gun but your gun is jammed so you throw your gun on the side and then you run up to the pig and you grab um and then throw it on your back. But it’s a pain to walk back to the truck. It’s cherreh man.

Sarah: Surf. I live by the beach and I go all the time. 

Holi: Surf. I like to bodyboard, it gives me an adrenaline rush. 

Keanu: The ocean is important to me because you can pretty much live off the ocean. It’s important to take care of the ocean because without the ocean there’s no life. No, like for real, if you actually think about it. Where you gonna get water from? The reason why we have water is because the sun illuminates the water into the sky and it forms into a big ball of clouds. We need water and it makes choke oxygen. Also, that’s where I get pretty much all my food from besides lettuce and tomatoes, it’s pretty much it.


Ms. Ferrance: I love the ocean, but I have to say turf. I grew up in the San Gabriel mountains in California, where we were always outside, scrambling all over the mountains, on bikes, swimming at the lake, and skiing – always skiing. We would pray for snow and ski all winter. So I love the snow and the best smell in the world to me is pine. When I go home and smell the trees, so many small kid memories just come rushing back.