On the Importance of Friendship


“Friendship is the cement that will hold the world together.”

Woodrow Wilson

I think this quote is . . . somewhat true. Real friends have your back and you have theirs if you are a true friend yourself. You depend on your friends and they depend on you.

The strongest friendships are with friends who are loyal and trustworthy. When you are having a really bad day, having family problems, basically struggling with anything, or feel like you have hit rock bottom and everything is crumbling, real friends will always be there to pick you up and support you. 




Friends help you get through the hard times and will be there to listen to your problems, sympathize and help. Friendship is one of the greatest and strongest things because it means you are not standing alone. I believe we are stronger together.






I said that I think this quote is “somewhat” true and that is because you won’t always have true friends who will do these things for you. Some people make the mistake of choosing quantity over quality. It shouldn’t matter how many friends you have but what kind of friends you have.