Golden Circle Poetry Award Winners

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. King Peace Poem Awards.


Peace is Home

Peace hits differently when coming back home

 Because I’m from breathing fresh air in the province.

I’m from waking up in the morning and smelling the aroma of my dad’s coffee.

I’m from the sweet, flowery fragrance of Sampaguita from my grandmother’s backyard.

I’m from my cousin’s house which is only ten steps away from our house.

I’m from playing with them under the sun at noon.

I’m from living in a neighborhood with many dogs which serve as our guards.

I’m from the river where we picnic with my cousins and friends.

I’m from living a simple life with my loving family.

I’m from the province where you truly find peace.

-by Kimverly Mateo

In tough times in which we come together

We join hands and stay forever

In War and Weary we are afraid

We must stand up in courage and never evade

 There are people who fight and tell lies

But we must show happiness and joy in other people’s eyes

   In destruction, the sun WILL shine

       We must build back up and redesign

We all have pain and hatred we must release

In the end, we must reside with peace

– by Michael-Dillion K Gonsalves


Peace is You

In the Unsettling Wind

And in the blazing sun

In these harsh conditions, peace is found

It is like that one light that brightens through the world

However, it is around and in us

From the birds chirping to the kindness of our hearts

Peace is our light that shines over all our problems

Peacefulness is not tied to that light

The light is you as you navigate your way through life

Peace is you

-by Jason Rodrigues