What Qualities do You Seek in a Sweetheart?


Maka Agee, Grade 10

The Dragon Post thought it would be fun to interview  students about the ideal qualities they look for in a romantic partner. These were their responses:


“Intelligence and a sense of self.” – Cyrus

 Someone who can cook, someone who doesn’t mind me swearing every five minutes, someone who is well dressed, preferably someone who shares the same qualities and traditions as me, someone who is short. I like short people, preferably female, and have very nice figure.” – Kaysen


“Tall, athletic, gym rat, nice.”


“I usually go for personality and not looks. It’s just someone I can trust and doesn’t make me feel bad all the time” – Ella


“Mainly just nice, sweet, and can make me laugh.”


“Austin.” -Mikael


“The qualities I look for is they have to be willing to support me and I can support them, they have to understand that I can’t always be around because I do sports and have home life, should also be trustworthy and just being loyal and trusting is the best thing”


“Kind, understanding, helpful, and reasonable”

“Loyalty and honesty”

“Good sense of humor, is spontaneous, like adventures, and be a great cook”

“She has to be cute”

“Just respect”

“Loyalty and respect”

“Height, athletic, respectful, and good with kids.”

“They’re nice.”

“Loyal, gentleman, nice looking.”

“Loyal, hot, and someone who wants to spend quality time”


So while some looked more for personality, some looked for physical attributes, even interests. No two answers were exactly the same while there was some overlap and similarities. This just shows how everyone is different whether it be their preference in music, entertainment, and even qualities in romantic interests. So let this be a reminder to you all no matter the reason you like a person your reason is valid and be proud of who you love whether it be someone of the same gender, opposite gender, no gender, or no one at all. You are validated and loved.