Controversy Over Hogstop: How to Control Hawaii’s Wild Pigs

A wild boar forages for acorns in autumn

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A wild boar forages for acorns in autumn

Tauarii Key, Gr. 10

Hawaii is known for its wild pigs and great hunting. However, the pigs pose a problem for some people, like digging up their grass and eating their garden. A possible solution has been introduced which would decimate the pig population. The solution would be to sterilize the animals and stop them from reproducing. The “Hogstop” that was introduced to Hawaii is bad for some people and good for some people. Hogstop is a non toxic birth control for feral pigs. This is bad for Hawaii because people here fill their freezers by catching feral pigs. 

Remember when the state thought it would be a good idea to bring mongoose to kill the rats on Hawaii?  It didn’t work because rats are nocturnal and the mongoose comes out during the day time. Now the mongoose is the rat of Hawaii. 

We would also have to wonder if a hunter catches a pig that has eaten this non toxic birth control called Hogstop,  would it be toxic to humans and would it affect the reproductive system of a person’s body.

The Hunters of Hawaii don’t like Hogstop because it could have a major effect on the population of pigs in Hawaii. Not only could it affect the population of pigs it could also effect humans.