How Would You Make the World a Better Place?

by Anela Becka, Odin Tabucbuc, Gabrel Motas, Ke-koa Steele, Tauari’i Key and Kaulike Delarosa


Of the problems in the world today, I would choose to solve climate change. It’s getting hotter each day and with the ice glaciers melting, the sea levels getting higher, and the ocean itself is also in trouble. With heat waves, the ocean gets warmer and can harm sea animals – and it doesn’t only affect the animals, it can affect us by wreaking havoc on our livelihoods and communities. It has also made wildfires more numerous.

Gabriel Motas, Gr. 9

I would like to change wars. The conflict of war affects everyone from the elders to babies. Why do people wage war? That’s not a way to co-exist on this rock we call Earth. I would solve this problem by sharing resources with other countries and also by abolishing all types of racism and bullying.

Odin Tabucbuc, Gr. 10

If I could change any problem in the world it would probably be gun laws. The reason I choose this is that there are so many school shootings across America these days and it’s because nowadays, it is so easy to get a gun. Around 12 kids per day die in America due to school shootings. I would make it so you need to have a gun license to even touch a gun. I would do this because so many innocent kids and adults lose their lives every day because of gun violence.

Ke-koa Alakai Steele, Gr 9

Of all the problems in the world today, I would choose to solve the issue of marine debris. The ocean is very important. It is one of our oxygen sources, other than trees. It also feeds us and regulates our climate. The ocean produces more than 50% of the planet’s oxygen and if we don’t do something now, it’s going to be gone. It is important to malama our ocean. In Hawaii, we use the ocean to transport much of our food. It also contributes to tourism which makes us money. As you can tell we need to take care of the ocean. Stop throwing trash everywhere. It’s not only unhealthy for the planet but it is also unhealthy for us. Let’s take care before it’s too late. You may ask “How?” When you see trash, pick it up, even if it isn’t yours, it is better than leaving it there where it will get washed out into the ocean. Even if it is the smallest piece of trash, it will make a difference.

Anelawehilani K. Becka, Gr. 9

If I could, I would choose to solve world hunger. The reason I chose world hunger is that no one should be starving. One way to help is by sending food to places where people need it, shipping a supply of food every couple of months. People deserve to have food to eat, especially when there are people in the world with billions of dollars who have the money to start helping people.

Tauari’i Key, Gr. 10

The Earth is considered as one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. It is the only planet in our galaxy that has enough water to support life. Unfortunately, our planet is suffering due to problems.  The major problems we are facing today are population,  pollution, and animal extinction. These are problems that should be solved before it is too late.

Kaulike Delarosa, Gr. 10