Boys Volleyball

Boys Volleyball


Hey Dragons! As you know, the Honoka’a Boys Volleyball team has shown great efforts during their game at Hawai’i Prep. on March 28th, the junior varsity team took their first win after scoring 15-12 on the 3rd set of the game. We’d like to introduce those who have contributed to the team’s accomplishment, along with a short interview with Haliu Tolentino and Alaka’i Adams.

DP-”As an upcoming sophomore, what do you feel the team needs to improve the most on?”

Haliu- “As an upcoming sophomore, I think the team should work on not getting down on ourselves because that can affect the whole team. It can lead to failure, so I think our team should learn to be more positive.
 Alaka’i Adams: Setter

DP- “How do you feel about winning your first JV game?”

Alaka’i- “Great! Through years of P&R, Co-Ed, club, and high school, it’s the first time I’ve won a match with people I felt comfortable with.”

DP-Why do you think your team won against HPA?”

Alaka’i- “I think we won because we played as a team.”