Educational Inequality


In today’s complicated world, one of the problems I would fix if I got the chance, is educational inequality. In communities of poverty children are less likely to be given the correct resources to receive a proper education. These communities usually have a large percentage of black and latinx families. In schools of mostly white population, students of color are less likely to be offered advanced courses or help when harassed or bullied by their white peers. When people aren’t offered the same quality education, they aren’t likely to be as successful as their peers. When groups of people aren’t offered the same education as other groups, that  leaves room for discrimination and a diminished voice in lawmaking. I would solve this problem by giving funds to low-income communities for education. I would also propose sending people to regularly watch schools for discrimination amongst the students. Ignorance may be bliss but it can also lead to insufficient opportunities and lives. That is why solving the issue of educational inequality is important.