The Moment I Laid Eyes on You

Chapter 2



I woke up the next morning with tears still in my eyes. How could I have done that to mom, I thought. Mom and I have never been into a fight like that before. It was new, a bad kind of new. I got out of bed still thinking to myself when I suddenly heard a knock at my room door. “Hey honey it’s me..” mom said, with a sad tone. She opened my door slowly, “I know i’ve been a little too harsh with you lately” I stopped her “no mom it was my fault, I shouldn’t have said all of those mean things to you about dad” I could feel the guilt coming back, it was eating me from the inside. Like a worm that has just bitten through an apple. I could feel tears forming, I ran to her and gave her a hug. I could tell she was crying all night too, from the way her eyes were puffy and I could see them coming back. We stood there for what seemed like a lifetime, when suddenly “Hey are we going to school or not?” I turned around to find Lexi in her school clothes, her oversized backpack that was double the size of her. “Lexi, we don’t have school today, it’s Saturday,” I said, with a funny look. She paused. “Are you telling me that I got up early and got ready for nothing!” she yelled as she stormed off down the hall into her room. Me and mom looked at each other, and we just laughed. “I love you mom” we both looked at each other with smiles, tears still in our eyes. I’m really glad mom and I made up, I never wanna fight like that again with her. Now I just need to figure out a way to come up with an excuse to Richard that I couldn’t make it.