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The Dragon Post

The Dragon Post

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How Art and English Go Hand-in-Hand

HHIS Students
Emma and Hailey share their work with Tyra and Wai.

Using art helps me in so many ways in ELA. I struggle with loving to read so having to create a visual representation really helped me get the information that I needed and present it as beautiful artwork.  In art I can express myself and what I learned on a page in a way that I love. I enjoy creating these posters. Making art in ELA makes me want to learn and makes me want to work on this and makes me want to research more so that I can have a better understanding of the topic so I can make art. In the past I made a poster for the book The Hunger Games. I have been reading this book and once I heard that I could make a poster and draw, my head flooded with ideas. Making the Hunger Games Poster was a lot of fun and really helped me remember what I read and helped me express what happened in the  book in a way that I enjoyed. Also I have made a poster on the Elizabethan Era. I had one packet to read from. I did that and having a focus on one topic  was challenging but it helped me to make more specific art. I compared the daily life of the Commoners and  Nobility in Shakespeare’s time. This really helped me understand the content of the subject. 

-Emma White

Dynamic duo, Kuaaina and Maddy educate their peers on the social hierarchy of Shakespeare’s time.

Art can help us learn in English Language Arts class. Based on our recent works in class, we have been able to express our learning with art in some ways. Art helps to spice up just words on a paper, these words represent an image in our brain, and when we can show it in an illustration, we are showing how we understand the information we are learning in a visual and creative way. Like when we made informational posters on a topic, many students in our class drew out their topic to make it more interesting and also it helped to explain and simplify the ideas students were trying to convey. Art is a very innovative way to show your thinking and can help us enhance our writing skills if we practiced it more often. We weren’t expected to be a great artist to convey an idea. I would like to say the same thing for writing, like you don’t have to be a great writer to understand information, but that wouldn’t be right to say, since the whole point of ELA is basically to understand information, improve reading and get better at writing. Art is just another form of expressing it, and it’s a bit more interesting and engaging.  Maybe it’s in the name. Maybe the reason why is English Language Arts is called “Arts” is because writing is an art of its own, where you can paint a picture in someone’s brain just by using the English language. 

-Maddy Gonzales

Kalena details fashion and social status in Elizabethan England.

There are many ways art can help us in English. Using art in English class, for me personally, helps me visualize what a scene may look like, or what the characters look like. There are many ways art can help all of us in English, but what are the big benefits of it? It can improve our writing skills and it can also improve students’ interaction with others when we share out work.

-Tyrus Chong

When making our Elizabethan Era poster incorporating drawings and visuals helped us better understand our topic. It helps us get a visual of what we’re learning and better understand what might’ve been unclear before. It helps us learn our topic in a whole other way; not only understanding the informational aspect but also visualizing it in our heads accurately. It also helps us when teaching our subject because it gives examples of our topic and points. Instead of using words and rambling, it can help the people we are teaching understand what we’re trying to say quicker and easier. A picture does speak a thousand words. The main drawing on our poster helped support our main point which was how fear of the supernatural and the “devil” sparked superstitions and beliefs. Just by looking at our art, it shows how important this was to our topic. Using art can be used to better organize our work and present it clearly. Adding color, using fancy fonts for headings, and borders allows us to present our information and organize it in a visually pleasing way. Art makes the information you’re presenting more interesting and captivating rather than looking at words.

-Sophie Kirby

Lani, Sophie and Kama share superstitions and beliefs in the Elizabethan Era.

As Art and English are in pretty different categories you may be surprised how they work together to help us learn and teach. Recently we as a class have been reading the play Romeo and Juliet. Which happens to take place in the Elizabethan Era. Before reading this story I wasn’t completely confident that I understood the era. I decided to do some research and found a bunch of paintings and and stories that  helped me wrap my mind around the concept, as well as the time we worked in groups to show our understanding of the narrative. Every group had to incorporate some type of art to visually show what we were presenting. This school year my teacher was efficiently able to not just teach me and my peers how art can help us learn in English but she was also able to get us to understand. 

-Irie Gionson

Francheska and Justin share all you ever wanted to know about the Black Plague.

I think that using art in ELA class benefits our education because it helps us visualize the necessary details that the class needs when we are learning about a specific topic. I, and my many classmates, have used art in various assignments, including my informational poster on the black plague. We had to draw our own graphics for our poster and they were supposed to help the viewer visualize the information provided. I feel that words in literature are amazing, but they can only go so far. To effectively learn the material, we need a visual representation of what we are learning so we can effectively remember the material. Not only does it help me remember the information but it also helps me pay attention to the video without trailing off in my thoughts. Art helped us learn in ELA because it visualizes the details we need when describing something. I have used art in many ELA assignments including a poster my partner and I made for the black plague. We used visual representations of the facts provided in our poster to help the viewer think about how things used to look. 

-Justin Paikai

Wai and Tyra covered Shakespeare’s life and accomplishments.

Art helped me learn and teach my subject by giving a visual example of the topic! When given an art visual, it helps us make a visualization in our head and we can understand what we are trying to learn more better. In our recent project, we were learning about who William Shakespeare is and why he is still  important today. Although we had done much research, having a visual representation of Shakespeare helped not only me but helped other learners to understand what William Shakespeare looked like and what his writing situation was! Having an artistic representation can help understand the book your reading, the video you’re watching, etc. It puts a visual in your mind instead of everyone making a different scenario in their heads. 

-Kalihiwai Cantor


Using art has helped me in many ways. For me, art is something that helps me remember what I’m learning and brings an image of what we’re learning. During the Elizabethan Era study, I used art to show what it looked like back then, and that helped me when I was presenting because the words were not only on the poster but the drawings that resembled them were too. I have used art in many posters like the Hunger Games poster I did I drew symbols that represent the book like the mocking jay. I also drew settings and intense scenes so It felt like you were a part of the poster. I use Art in many ways because I love expressing my creativity in what I see and take in then jot down pasted on the information I gathered.  I strongly believe art can help us learn more in English Language Arts class.

-Haley White

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