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    Students Enjoy HHIS Strings Class

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Students Enjoy HHIS Strings Class



The strings class is a class that was started by a project, a project from Miss Elizabeth, and is now a class held at Honokaa High School with the help of Mr. Washburn as well. The strings class specializes in all things strings, violins, violas, cellos and the bass. Currently, the class has around 12-13 students in the class, ranging from seventh graders to freshmen. This year has been their biggest accomplishment yet, scoring three performances in a single school year! Their most recent performance was on May 5, playing for Buddha’s Birthday in Hongwanji. Here’s what students are saying about strings.

DP: “How did you feel during the performance in Hongwanji?”

“Nervous definitely, but I was also excited to perform and share the emotions which came with these songs with other people.” – Freshman.

“During our recent performance, I felt really nervous, but as we kept playing more songs, I felt happier because I realized that we were sharing our talent.” – Freshman, Jodeah.

“I was looking forward to the performance and thinking that we were gonna do great due to the many experiences that we had in performing, and the majority of the compliments we got. Overall, I think we, personally did and do great on performance.” – Eight Grader, Kanani

DP: “Why did you join strings? Why did you stay?”

“I stayed because I wanted to be better then what I used to be in 7th grade. I wanted to learn it and it worked because, I got better.” – Eight Grader, Keilani.

“I joined strings because I always wanted to learn how to play the violin, and I decided to stay because I like being in strings. Strings also makes me happy.” –  Freshman, Jodeah.

“I joined strings because I wanted to learn an instrument and strings sounded very interesting to me.” – Seventh Grader.

DP: “What has been your favorite memory in string?”

“My favorite memory in strings is performing at prom and on the bus eating food, then creating the unofficial class name (Our Melody) and posting funny videos on instagram on how dumb we were being.” – Freshman, Tristin 

“When we played fast in all the songs and everything felt memorable and I actually liked everything. Everything was so much more fun than before and made me more confident in lots of performances.” Eight Grader, Raizen.

“My favorite memory was definitely the bus ride after we did the prom performance. The beginning was so energetic and we were all pumped up, we were laughing and just encouraging each other. On our way back, we all felt pretty disappointed, but it was okay because we did it together. We were such a team and encouraged each other at our lowest, that’s where we made our unofficial name. I will never forget that bus ride, full of laughter with all the people I care about.” – Freshman, Daneisha.

DP: We asked the teachers how they felt about the class too, asking “What was their favorite part of teaching this class?”

“Getting to know the students, watch them learn and grow in their music abilities.” – Miss Elizabeth.

“The students and the analytical minds of the students, as strings are hard instruments to play; also the music that they create, as it is really beautiful.” – Mr. Washburn.

DP: This class has helped me through up and downs in ways I didn’t know existed. I’m just a Freshman but I already feel so sad I have to leave this group when I graduate. Our Melody may be apart, but it will forever remain in my heart.

Because this class was honestly my remedy.

“My Remedy, Our Melody.”


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  • H

    Hailey WhiteMay 21, 2024 at 7:37 pm

    This Article is so nice and made me want to join strings with you guys I love that you all had a lot of fun doing what you love doing!!