First Time Getting Thrown Off a Horse


Damion-Isaiah Tagabi, Guest Writer, Grade 9


It was a beautiful early morning and I and all my family just arrived at our family ranch along with my cousins whose names are Joziah and Kaiah. We went up to catch our horses. After a while of trying to catch the horses, we caught them and walked them down to the trailer to saddle um. While I was going through the routine of warming my horse up I could tell that he was all fired up and that he was ready for the long day of work that was to come.

Before I got on him my papa told me “ Tighten dem cinches”. Once everyone was ready we all headed to the cattle and we checked all the fences and made sure none of them got out, then we pushed all of them into a little coral and held them there. Once we finished counting the cattle, we had to separate the babies from the moms and as we’re doing this I saw from the corner of my eye a steer tryna run through the gate so I ran to cut him off and he kept running and ran right into my horse and my horse was all flustered and began bucking and while he was bucking I was trying to gain control of his head but then my feet came out of the stirrups and I was done he threw me right off of his back.

The one thing we were taught since we were little kids is, ” Not mattah how sked you are if the horse throws you off you gotta get back on um” and dominate it. So after all of those crazy things happened we finished all our tasks for that day and cleaned up and went home. I will never forget that day cause getting thrown off a horse teaches you to toughen up and it teaches you to be humble and not get into your own head. And that is my story of the first time I got throw off the horse