Silver Linings

Caring for the Reef – Adapting to a New Life – Getting Better as a Person


Caring for the Reef

This past year, I shot my biggest invasive fish in the ocean. I was diving at one secret spot with my friend Evan and we came out with almost a whole stringer. I also got me a new spear gun and I used that to shoot the fish. The fish I shot is called a Roi. They are very harmful to the reef because they just eat all of the native fish in the ocean. So I took my shot and I got em. You should take as many Roi off the reef as possible to help keep the reef clean. 

Zayvin Kaaekuahiwi


Adapting to a New Life

During this pandemic it was really hard to have to adapt to our new life. In the beginning I didn’t take it (the changes) seriously and then it got serious. When school started I was getting overwhelmed in the first semester. I wasn’t learning anything and felt that the teachers assigned too much work for me to keep up with. I started getting behind on all of my work and my grades were dropping. My grandpa passed away and I got super sad. But then the second semester came and I told myself I was going to start taking care of myself and start focusing on school and doing productive things and weirdly enough I changed my style and the way I dressed which helped me so much in an odd way. I am so much happier and I am keeping up with my grades and school – so second semester and changing my style is my silver lining

HHS Student



Getting Better as a Person

The good that has happened to me this past year was that I didn’t have to worry about going to a new school because I could just stay home. I learned many things while in this pandemic like how to get food right out of nature. I got better at diving and I got better as a person. I realized the wrongs I was doing and the wrongs I was letting happen to me. I grew as a character by thinking constantly about  how my life went before covid started. That made me realize who was really with me and who wasn’t. My past actions had pushed some of the real friends away because I chose the fakes over them, I chose people who I never really wanted to be my friend over the ones who wanted to. I realized that over quarantine and I will never let that happen again.

Enry Bemry