Diving State of Mind


Zayvin Kaaekuahiwi and Coach Suubs, Grade 9

My mind is always under water…..

I woke up in my wetsuit this morning….

Fish for breakfast, fish for lunch, Fish for dinner…

I catch em you fry em…

I woke up in my wetsuit this morning. I must have been dreaming about diving again. Learning how to dive is one of my funnest experiences. I  get in the ocean more, I shoot only the fish I want to eat and I can challenge myself. If I could I’d dive every weekend!

Being in the ocean is quiet and relaxing.  I could float over the reef for hours just looking at all the living animals.  There are no people to distract me, no questions to answer, and no classes to rush off to.  The ocean helps me clear my head and think only good thoughts.  In the ocean I realize that there is a lot of different types of fish and different varieties 

Selecting fish is not easy.  I use a 6ft graphite 3 prong spear and a 90cm Omer speargun, but if I only had to choose one, I would choose the speargun. With a gun, I have longer range, the chance of catching bigger fish and I can cover more ground.  Because my family and I like to eat only certain fish I can select the fish that I want to shoot and don’t want to shoot. Diving lets me share fish with my family and because they like to eat fish I get to dive more. Some of my favorite fish to eat are kole, menpachi, and uhu. 

I like to challenge myself to dive deeper and deeper every time I go diving. Diving allows me to clear my head and relax. It helps me provide food for my family, and it challenges me to focus on what is really important in life. The ocean provides more than just food, it provides a connection with my environment and quality time with friends and family.  What’s your Diving State of Mind?