Social Media and Your Health


Kristen Ragasa, Grade 10, Mr. Atkins ELA


With quarantine being implemented for your physical safety, I hope you have  taken time to safeguard your mental health as well. Being in a world where much of our time is spent digitally, we need to take breaks, not breaks as in “scrolling on social media,” but as in actually going outside and doing stuff apart from technology. which is affiliated with Harvard College and Mental Health Studies writes that 81% of teens use social media which has caused  large amounts of stress, and depression. Other sources also state that higher screen time links to lower fitness levels, diminished social development and other negative aspects of mental and physical health. 

 I am guilty of sometimes spending more than eight hours a day on digital technology, and at the end of the day my eyes feel super worn out. But there are certain days when I discipline myself by staying away from my phone, including music, socials, games,  and all of that. You could call it a cleanse, if you will. 

 When I take time to read, finish chores, or do some art, it makes my brain work more and improves my overall mood, mentally I feel good on those days. Now what can we do to lower this percentage??

Try it. Try staying off your phone for a week, only using it for verbal communication and see how you feel by the end of it. If you are still itching to check socials and look at trends and what not, you have missed the point. In that period of time, do activities that make you happy, which can increase your emotional health.