HHS Student Chosen for the “Golden Circle” Poetry Award


Mekhi O Smith, Grade 11

HHS student Mekhi O Smith has been selected for a very special “Golden Circle” award for the 22nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Poetry Awards, sponsored by the International Peace Poem Project.
A  junior in Ms. Solomon’s English class this year, Mekhi’s poem is one of only four chosen from Hawaii.
Here is the winning poem:

We Are Peace

The long winter breeze crosses the sea

Without a sound, without a peep

As the birds flap their wings goodbye

I make a silent sigh

The sand dances across sun-kissed skin

We wish these moments would never stop, nor begin
As the light peers through the sky
The clouds’ shadows soon pass by

Small things such as these should be cherished
But like war, these things parish

They vanish without a sight
Cause humanity to end things with a fight

We ask ourselves,”Should things end like this?”