Angry Horse


Lyle Hooley, Grade 9

After church I went to my neighbor’s house like I always used to, to hang out with Keikaha. We’ve been friends for years. There was a spot we used to always go in his pasture when we were little. So I thought, why not go there again. It was warm that day and there weren’t many clouds in the sky. There was a small breeze but just enough that you could hear the trees and grass rustling. We then grabbed toy guns to make us feel like we were hunting.

When we got to the fence line Keikaha warned me that there were horses in the pasture and we had to be careful because these horses were mean. I didn’t really care that there were horses or that they were mean. I just wanted to go to the hills where we were heading. These small hills were made out of basically old plants and weeds stacked up over the years. When we came to the second fence line where the small grassy hills were, that we used to go to, the only problem was that the horses were on that side of the fence, so we quietly hopped over the gate hoping the horse wouldn’t spot us. When we both got over the gate we counted to three and bolted across the field.  We were almost the other side, when we noticed the horse had seen us and started making its way over, so we just went faster.

When we got to the hills we ended up having to run all the way around, a full time again to find a spot where we could hide. Eventually we found a spot that worked for both of us to hide in. It smelt of animals, dirt and grass. It was big enough on the inside that we both could stand with some room. We sat there for a while just thinking of what we should do. We were in there for like 30 minutes when finally the horse decided to walk away. We decided it was time to go back. So we got up, snuck out the hole and ran for the fence line. We hid behind the plants that were growing along the fence for around 10 minutes. Then we got up and ran to the gate. When we got there we turned around and saw the horse running to the gate as well but we got over that gate just in time, before the horse got to us! We walked back and I went home to get ready for church.