You Can Only Succeed if You Are Not Afraid to Fail


Michael Jordan shares this because this thought of his is important. This quote just goes to show that he has failed over and over again. Even though he has failed many times, he didn’t give up, instead he stuck with basketball and kept striving until he succeeded. He is saying that it is normal to make mistakes just as long as you do not stop and give up on your dreams. I think he is sharing this to motivate people to not give up on their dreams even when they fail. In my opinion, I honestly love this quote. I think this quote is very motivating. I think he is also trying to say that success does not come easy. It takes a lot of hard work and many fails that come along the way. He says he had missed more than 9000 shots, lost 300 games and missed 26 game-winning shots and he still succeeded. So failure is okay and a part of the process to becoming successful.