No More Hate


Zachary Juan, Grade 9

Everyday Asian people are getting racially abused and harmed just because they are Asian, this is not right. We need to stop this now! According to PBS News, on March 17, 2021, eight people were shot and killed, six of them were Asian women. The group Stop AAPI has recorded 3,795 hate incidents towards Asian people.(New York,2021) Not only shootings but Asian people are shoved to the ground, punched out of nowhere, and beaten up to death just because their Asian this isn’t right. 

Everyone, regardless of race, has to have equal Civil Rights in America. What is Civil Rights? Civil rights guarantee equal social opportunities and equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, or other personal characteristics. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “Civil rights laws attempt to guarantee full and equal citizenship for people who have traditionally been discriminated against in some group characteristic”.(Encyclopedia Britannica, 2021). Having equal civil rights will stop Asian hate and will also stop any kind of racism. Civil rights grant equal protection to everyone including your own race or religion. 

However, since the onset of covid hate crimes against Asian Americans are on the rise. Ever since coronavirus shutdowns began, thousands os Asian Americans have faced racist verbal and physical attacks or have been shunned by others, According to the Los Angeles Times. Since the start of the pandemic, Stop AAIP Hate has received reports of over 2,800 hate incidents across the United States.(Los Angeles Times, 2021) Governments should take urgent steps to prevent racist and xenophobic violence and discrimention linked to the COVID-19 pandemic while prosecuting raical attacks against Asians and people of the Asian decent. 

Each of us has a responsibility to prevent hate crimes. On ellentube, Ellen Degeneres, talk show host, made a list of things us people could do, like amplify and share stories of hate to raise awareness of anti-Asian incidents. Also, “Speak up when you hear microaggressions. Call out people that are making racist jokes about Asians. Lastly, don’t be a bystander, learn active tactics to efficiently intervene when you see someone being verbally or physically harassed.” Doing these three steps will gradually help the Asain community a lot. Not only will this help that Asian community out but it will help with any kind of racism that is around the world.(Ellen Show, 2021)

Some people believe, Asians are the only reason  we have covid. Many articles say the reason why we have COVID-19 is because of Asian people. According to Forbes, former President Trump had tweeted out “Chinese Virus”, which refers to COVID-19 as being China’s fault. (Forbes, 2021) This is why Asians in America are now getting hate because they started the global pandemic and made this world harder to live in. Although the pandemic originated in China, it is unjust to randomly bully people in this country just because they are Asian. Think of good things that Asian people have done for the world. For example  they invented four great inventions which are papermaking, gunpowder, the compass, and printing. I know that COVID began in a region of China but that does not incriminate all Asians. It’s not that hard to forgive and rethink what the Asian community did for this world. We people need to stop Asian hate before it gets out of hand. Everyone, regardless of race has to have equal civil rights in America. Since the onset of covid hate crimes have started rising against Asian Americans. Lastly, each of us has a responsibility to prevent hate crimes. We American citizens can stop this racist attack on Asians by speaking out for Asians and supporting Asian hate organizations.