Covington’s Class Contemplates Confucius

A Reflection and Response to Quotes from Confucius


Ezekiel Pira, Gr. 9


The first one that impacts my life is “Learn to see beauty in everything.” Through my early childhood, we as kids have been outside a lot, with our parents scolding us when we do not listen, because we just run around through the roads – but that’s then and there when we learn to see beauty in everything. It’s a blessing that God blessed us with. We are fortunate to have and see beauty outdoors and have the climates of Hawaii. The second one is “Moral values start at home.” I believe this strongly because the people around us give out a vibe,, where if we been around it too much, has been embedded in our normal lifestyle; things like saying bas words – kids have been cussing a lot, especially in our generation and society. A lot of kids do bad things such as smoking and vaping and drinking alcohol. I have been around that but don’t want to replicate that lifestyle and want to be a better example for our world. The third quote that impacts me is, “Never, ever do half-hearted work.” I agree with that statement because, what id s the point of doing something half heartedly instead of doing something full heartedly? it doesn’t make sense because if you do something, put your all into it, blood sweat and tears. The final quote I chose is, “Never give up.” If you put your mind to what you are doing, you won’t feel anything but the passion that you put into it and the hope, faith and grace you put into it. Giving up is like failing over and over again. Quitters are not going to get anywhere until they work past their limits, past their giving up point. Just do not ever give up.