Greek Philosophy and The Seven Types of Love


Kaylee Rodrigues-Vincent, Gr. 9

Love is a powerful word and a word with many meanings. Based on works and classical readings largely from Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato, there is not just one, but seven different types of love.

♥The first is Eros. Eros is the romantic and passionate type of love. It’s driven by beauty, attraction, and desire. It is the kind of love that may precede engagements and marriage.

♥Next is Philia which is an authentic, intimate friendship type of love. It’s the love of deep and strong friendships. It’s wanting what’s best for the other person and having a platonic soul bonding.

♥The third type of love is called Ludus. This is a flirtatious and playful type of love. Have you ever had a crush before? Well, this is the category of love for a crush to fall into. It’s more about having fun without any serious commitment. 

♥Then we have Storge. Storge is the love of family. It is an unconditional, whole-hearted, protective familial love and refers to the close connections you have with your family members.

♥Another interesting and important type of love is called Philautia; this is self-love. This love has to do with your mental and emotional states, your self-esteem, and how you view yourself and your worth. It’s self-care love.

♥The sixth type of love is Pragma, this love is pragmatic and practical, as alluded to by its root. Pragma is committed love. Eros love can turn into this type of love over time. It’s a love of married couples or people who are fully committed to each other and have a lifelong companionship.

♥Last, the seventh type of love is called Agape. Agape is universal and empathetic love. This is love for others like God, strangers, nature, and those less fortunate. It’s love for humanity. It’s loving and caring for others but not expecting anything in return.