Valentine’s Edition Book Review: The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

“Is it ever too late to leave the friend-zone?”

Valentines Edition Book Review: The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams

Melanie Ignacio, Gr. 10


Bree Camden, a professional ballerina, and Nathan Donelson, the star quarterback for the NFL, have been BEST FRIENDS ever since high school. Except, they’ve both been head over heels for each other all this time! However, they continue to hide their feelings because of the thought of the other not being able to reciprocate the same feelings and because of the constant fear of being friend-zoned. But everything changed all in one chaotic night. 

Drunk Bree somehow spills her secrets and feelings she has toward Nathan to a TMZ reporter. The next day, rumors of her and Nathan dating went viral! Instead of addressing the rumors, Nathan and Bree decide to fake date. Bree agreed to fake date in order to save her best friend’s reputation, but Nathan on the other hand takes this as an opportunity to win over Bree’s heart. In order to do that, Nathan creates this cheat sheet filled with steps and advice given to him by his teammates. After countless fake dates and fake hand holding, they found themselves not faking it anymore. Their feelings start to become more real and apparent to each other. How successful will Nathan’s cheat sheet be? How long will the two be able to keep this up without ruining their friendship? Will their relationship remain platonic after the end of this? Or will they finally realize they’ve both been madly in love with each other all these years? 

The Cheat Sheet is the cutest and most heartwarming Romantic Comedy featuring a best friends-to-lovers and fake-dating trope. Not to mention, the novel also offers a dual POV, giving more insight into the emotions and feelings of both characters, allowing the readers to enjoy the novel even more. Although it’s a short novel, it will have you wanting to never put the book down! The Cheat Sheet is the perfect read for Valentine’s and it’s a novel you’ll never forget!