Do you believe in Destiny?


Keli'i Horn, Grade 10

I do believe in destiny.  I believe that all of everyone’s actions cause something to happen later on, either good or bad and that those choices came from someone else’s choice.  It is like a graph, I also believe in fate, I think of life as a chess board but you are only a single piece, the piece you want to be is your choice, maybe you want to be a pawn, a worker that slowly works its way up but has the potential to become any other piece but rarely ever becomes a king!  Or stay a pawn and support the higher pieces.  A bishop or rook are both good at their own things but struggle at something later down the line in this case a rook would be a more brute force like an athlete and a bishop would be more strategic or knowledgeable like a professor or someone who has great knowledge in a certain topic.  The knight is a piece that overcomes anything in its path, literally.  It can be as offensive as a rook and evasive as a bishop and cannot be blocked by anything as it will just jump over these would-be people with great determination and perseverance to whatever they are doing no matter what it is.  Then we have the king and the queen, the queen is the most flexible piece, a prodigy if you would like.  The queen is one of those people that are skilled at anything they learn whether it be a sport or subject, they never cease to surprise others but they usually have one or more things that they are “not good” at because they don’t like doing it because it’s boring or tedious which makes their will less than a knight.  Then the king was probably once a pawn that was promoted to a king or born as an heir to the current king.  The kings are the CEOs of major companies.  Like Coke, McDonald’s, or Hershey residing behind their pawns (workers), bishops and rooks (Lawyers and bodyguards), and knights who would be Medics for the bodyguards and king or sales persons that make the advertisements while the king is safe in his castle with his queen.  But the thing about the king is that with one wrong command, his whole castle could come crashing down.  So yes I believe that fate can be changed with some thinking and the will to pull it through.