Mrs. Raffasaurus Rex and the Time I said “Bread”





I’m going to talk about the time I almost got suspended for saying the word “bread “.  It was the second half of my seventh grade middle school year,  just after I moved to this new school where the “great spoon heist” occurred. Now this is the same area  at the back corner of the cafeteria where on each side there were hallways that led to two classrooms. This class was in the back left corner and the second class room so on the very edge. 

So let’s call this teacher Mrs. R  (Mrs. Raffasaurus Rex) and I don’t think one student liked her because she was very old and very loud and just didn’t like kids. Ok so she’s the tech teacher so we just did a bunch of stuff on computers and learned about them and learned to type faster and that type of stuff. I forgot to say that in this class I had like two of my friends in it so we always played around.  Because we had computers we always tried to watch Youtube and play games.  One day, Mrs. R  gave us one of the many project assignments to do. It was a big project.

Now for this project you had to make a two minute video about a word.   So the school had teamed up with this program and I forget what it was, but it was something to do with helping schools out. Anyway, we had to make a video all about this one word that you pick and she showed us examples of videos and stuff.  We started ok. On the assignment it said to choose your favorite word so I did “bread”.  

I got almost halfway done with the project in a week and we had a month so I just took a break. Then out of nowhere Mrs. Raffasaurus Rex says, “Ok guys we are going  over all the words that people choose, ” so I was ready for all these funny things, stuff like video game words or something. But then she says “Remember these words that you chose are supposed to empower you or be about something that you love.”  I just start thinking to myself,  “Oh crud”.  So she started reading everyone’s words and they all chose stuff like friends, family, as predicted one of  my friends put in “video games”. Then she gets to mine and it just says” bread”. So she starts yelling and says stuff like I play around too much and that she is going to call my mom.

That day my mom was at work  when she got this voicemail from my school, she thought I did something wrong like got into a fight or something. She listened to it and it’s the teacher complaining aboout my word, “bread”.  After that my mom sent me a voicemail with LOL  attached to it. I didn’t get in any real trouble but Mrs. R was saying stuff like, ” I’m going to tell the office about this”!  So now like the spoons, my family has another joke all about bread.