Book Review: Chinese Cinderella

Kayla Marie Antonio, Grade 9

Chinese Cinderella is based on a true story of an unwanted daughter.                                          Adeline Yen Mah ( The author and main character) describes how she felt as an unwanted daughter and how she grew up in China. Her siblings despise her because they believe she was the cause of her mother’s death. Besides having a hard relationship with her siblings she has a harder relationship with her stepmother Niang. Niang treats Adeline like a peasant. The only people who truly cared about her were her third brother James (Zi-Jun) and her Aunt Baba; her own father didn’t even care about her. Aunt Baba took care of Adeline after her mother died  and James was nice to her sometimes. If you like  nonfiction, true life stories  I highly recommend reading this book.