Social Media and Bullying: Today’s Worst Problem


Azalyn Branco, Gr. 9

In my opinion the worst problem we face today is bullying. I feel like everyone tries to be better than everyone else, everyone judges everyone based on what they wear, what kind of car they drive, what material things they have.

Everyone thinks they are better than everyone else, but in reality nobody’s better than anyone else. We all have flaws and nobody is perfect. People like to judge people based on whether they have “ money “ or not.  I feel like nobody knows how to be cool with anyone anymore.

I think social media is one of the biggest problems because everyone compares themselves to others based on if they have certain kinds of things like, name brands or not. I would change this by taking away social media because it’s one of the biggest problems today. Social media has a big impact on people’s lives and not in a good way. People like to pick on others based on what they have or they like to tease them; if you’re a “weird kid “. People talk about you. Bullying is a big problem nowadays, and it’s because of the generation we are in today, and how they use social media.