Basketball is Back!


Freshman Basketball Players show their team spirit. From left to right: Daniel Candelario, Jurrel Bielza, Reighn Barrios, Nathaniel Custodia

JilleaneMarie Gonzales, Gr. 9

This season, the boys and girls basketball players are greatly dedicated to their team and their coaches, coach Brett and coach Caleb. To get an insider view, the Dragon Post interviewed team member Daizen Mateo.

DP: What or who has motivated you to play basketball? 

DM: What motivated me to play basketball was just how much I knew I could grow both as a player and a person. While playing basketball after practice or games, I could really reflect back on my mistakes to help me better the next time.

DP: How has sports affected your life? Does it make you a better student?

DM: Basketball helps me relieve stress and it’s a nice time to be social with random people. I definitely think basketball can make someone a better student because it teaches discipline and patience.

DP: In what ways has COVID interfered with you and your team?

DM: COVID affected our team just by cancelling a lot of our games we would’ve had during the pre-season. COVID also affects my life by making me stay farther from people so I guess I’m even more cautious around people.

DP: Do you think the life of an athlete is tougher than that of a regular high school student? Why or why not?

DM: I personally think being an athlete is harder because you got to make time for yourself, basketball, and schooling. And on weekends normally people would be in their beds but as a player, you’re running while everyone isn’t.

DP: According to you, what is the toughest aspect of being a student-athlete?

DM: To me, being on time to both practice and school is what I sometimes have a hard time with. Being a student-athlete is really easy, you just got to dedicate yourself and not listen to that punk voice in your head telling you something is too hard.

DP: What do you prefer, and individual or team sport? Why?

DM: Team sports are way better just because you’re able to celebrate with others and there are memories you can’t get playing by yourself.

DP: What inspires you to do your best every single day?

DM: What inspires me is me realizing I’m being lazy and then I think to myself that this is a waste of time not making the stuff in front of you useful.

DP: What is one piece of advice or tip you’re fond of that newcomers should know?

DM: Just chill, have fun, and study all the plays.