Silver Lining


Zachary Juan, Guest Writer, Grade 9


There was a silver lining that happened to me this past year. It was when my soccer teammates and I got to go back and play our first game in eight months, because of covid. It was very nerve racking. Playing something that you haven’t played in awhile is very nerve racking, but also good. Finally playing a game after eight months, aside from just practicing, is amazing. Versing good players like you is always fun and competitive. 

Something I experienced during this pandemic was, don’t take things for granted. My coach always told me and my teammates to never take this opportunity for granted. Everyday he told us after practice to give our all at every practice because the government of the soccer club could shut the whole soccer season down and we might  never play soccer again. Then I realized why I wanted to play soccer and wanted to become better at it. 

Being a soccer player makes you think fast in hard situations, makes you act faster and makes you think faster. In my opinion soccer is one of the hardest sports to play in the world. You have to have good touches with the ball, have good communication, have good conditioning, good shooting, and act fast.

Ever since that day when my coach said to never take this chance for granted, I didn’t. Everyday I practice. Everyday I practice my shooting, my passing, and my conditioning. When it comes to game time I’m ready to win. So I’m really hoping covid doesn’t ruin this chance of mine and the government doesn’t shut down the season and stop me from playing again.

I personally want everyone, or whoever, to really think about what’s happening in our lives right now, like your whole life could change if you take the wrong path in life. I want everyone to not take life for granted and everyone to have a successful future.